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How to proceed my payment if i do not have a PayPal account?
In order to proceed your payment without a PayPal account, please follow a few step:
1. Follow the normal process to checkout
2. Enter all required billing and shipping information; choose your shipping preference;
3. After that, under Payment option section, please do select Paypal option and continue to place your order
4. When you reach the Paypal payment site, please click the option "pay with a debit or credit card, or Paypal credit"
as below :

Why the quantity of each package is 10 pcs for some products?
In order to save shipment cost and have better shipment preparation, it is more cost-effective for customer to purchase more tags per shipment for low cost item. Lead time can also be shortened. Therefore, we pre-package 10 tags as one standard pack.

Why the prices drop significantly if the quantity is 5 packages or even 10 packages?
The overhead is the same for each order. When customer purchase more items/tags for each order, the overhead cost per item/tag will thus drop significantly. With the app from us, customer will discover that the NFC tags are very useful and gradually consume more and more tags in their daily lives. Ordering in a larger quantity would be more cost effective in the long run.

What are the storage capacity differences between “basic” and “advanced” tags?
“Basic” tags have the storage capacity for 48 alpha-numeric characters while “Advanced” tags have the storage capacity for 137 alpha-numeric characters. When users want to write the web link into the tag, they have to ensure the storage is adequate. To facilitate users’ decision, our apps provide suggestions on the type of tag to use.

What are the differences between indoor, outdoor and special tag?
We have sorted tags into three categories – Indoor, outdoor and special. In the Indoor category are labels and stickers which are more suitable for usage in indoor environments like offices and households. These tags are usually of lower cost but they are not waterproof. In the Outdoor category are tags that are more robust and waterproof for outdoor usages. Other special tags for special applications like attachment directly on the wall with a hole in the center are included in the Special category.

Can help me to customize tag?
Sure. The ultimate objective of is to help our customer to own their NFC tags in a quick and easy way. We possess good knowledge and experience to handle various enquiries. We can help customize the design and encoding of the tags. Just send us a request and we will be glad to help.

Can I stick the NFC tag on metal?
Normally, metal has interference with NFC tags. When a standard NFC label is attached on the metal surface, the tag cannot be read. To solve this problem, an on-metal sticker, which is specially designed to be used on metal surface, can be used instead.

If I have special requirements on the NFC tags, will be able to provide them?
We always value feedbacks and ideas from our customer as a way to improve our future products and services. Our project team will review customer comments every week and take appropriate actions in order to provide the greatest satisfaction to users and meet their requirements. Other new NFC tags will soon be added in the coming future.

Why my NFC smart phone cannot recognize the tags?
Multiple reasons may lead to the situation. Try format the tags, and ensure you are using an NFC capable battery (aftermarket batteries may not include the NFC antenna). If situation continues, please contact us or your smart phone repairing company.

Are batteries needed?
NFC tags do not need batteries. They can be read and written directly without batteries.

How far away can the phone be from the NFC tag to use/read it?
Normally, our tags need to be placed in a short distance of less than 2cm (approx 3/4 of an inch) from the phone to work. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to actually touch the tag with the phone.